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Blade Components/Composition

- Patterned Go Mei blade crafted of 100 layer random pattern damascus         steel core made with 1084 and 15n20 high carbon steel with a nickel and     150+ year old wrought iron cladding

- Fullers on both sides of blade

- Length approx. 8" (203mm)

- Height at ricasso approx. 2.5"

- Thickness at ricasso approx. 3/32" with a distal taper


Handle Components /Composition

- Hidden tang construction

- Ball peen hammer textured nickel silver collar and pommel

- Cross cut carbon fiber

- Nickel silver and black G-10 spacers

- Dyed/stabilized mammoth tooth accent

- Stabilized acacia burl


Overall length of knife approx. 13.5"

Custom Iron Clad Nakiri

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