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Blade Components/Composition

- 84 layer random pattern damascus steel core (damascus hand crafted in house from 1084 and 15n20 high carbon steels) with with nickel and matching damascus steel cladding.

- Blade boasts hand ground fullers on both sides 

- Hidden tang 

- Approx. blade length 7" 

- Blade thickness approx 3/32" at the ricasso tapering to just under 1/16" towards the tip


Handle Components/Composition

- 4pc collar has a textured face and is comprised of two peices of feather damascus and two peices of 416 stainless steel.

- Hand ground pinch grip on both sides of the hexagonal handle.

- Front portion of handle is a traditional hidden tang construction while the rear portion is a framed tang construction.

- Black, gray, toxic green and blue g-10 and nickel silver spacers

- Dyed stabilized box elder burl

- Dyed stabilized ancient mammoth tooth accent 

- Stabilized afzelia burl 

- Black and blue g-10 frame

- 2 hidden pins and 6 stainless steel pins on the framed portion of the handle

- 416 stainless steel buttcap secured with 2 416 stainless steel pins


I couldn't be happier with this one! The hand finished damascus go mai construction blade had such a bold and unique pattern that I wanted to do it justice with an equally unique handle.

The handle is comprised of 32 individual components and asssembled with 2 hidden pins, 6 handle pins, and 2 mounting pins. Each component was individially slotted and fit tothe tang. After rough shaping on the grinder, the final shaping was all done completely by hand from 220 grit right up through 5000 grit for a beautifully polished one peice feel.

If youre looking for a truly one of a kind peice of functional art for your kitchen or for that special chef in your life, than look no further. With proper care this knife will perform for many, many years to come!

Patterned Damascus Go Mai Bunka

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